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I am a professional and lifestyle dominatrix. Femme tomboy fatale. Embodier and celebrant of the human divine.

I dominate because it brings me joy, and because it is in my nature.

Kinky for as long as memory serves, BDSM has assumed a natural part of my personal life from the outset of my adulthood. Compelled by a persistent desire, I plunged into professional domination at Pandora's Box, New York City's oldest and most famous dungeon. There I trained under several veteran Dommes and experienced a vast and wonderful spectrum of BDSM practice. Within a year, I had spent hundreds of hours in session and cultivated an array of technical skills to complement an inherent intuition and self-possession.

My style of domination is both candid and cat-like. I am a mirthful sadist, deconstructing my prey with cheerful relish. With warm presence and a wicked imagination, I take pride in building creative scenes and the relationships that arc across.


Currently, I am an independent professional, and I session out of private dungeon studios in Manhattan, NYC. I balance my career as a Domme with another creative career, and I find this combination fantastically fulfilling. When it comes to maintaining a stable of submissives, I value quality over quantity and take care to be selective.

Within session, I thrive on a variety of activities. Sensory immersion excites me. I am very tactile, visually oriented, and drawn to narrative and symbolism. Cerebral masochists and gluttons for humiliation are generally among my favorites. Overall, subs who demonstrate intelligence and an earnest reverence are a joy to train. Chemistry is truly make or break.


  • Barefoot Height: 5'8"
  • Shoe Size: US Womens 9 / EURO 39-40 / UK 7
  • Hair: Blonde, short
  • Supervillain cyclist legs