I session out of professional and discreetly located dungeon studios in Manhattan, New York City.

Sessions outside of a studio are available for select slaves with whom I have built a rapport.


  • New subs: Submit an introduction to be considered.
  • Established subs: Email to request a session.
  • I typically book 2 to 10 days in advance.


Be respectful. In communication, your tone matters, and a formal tone does not mask or recompense entitlement or impatience.

I do not require every one of my subs to capitalize My pronouns. If I decide that this level of formality is beneficial to your training as a dedicated slave, I will enforce it. My preferred superlative is Domina.

Be reliable. No-shows will not be given a second chance. Repeat cancellations will not be given a third chance.


I love collaborating with other Dominants and am available for double scenes. If being hopelessly outnumbered intrigues you, please inquire about my wonderful independent Domme and Master friends. Double sessions require a double tribute.