"Mistress Claire is clever, witty and extremely intelligent. By providing insight into my thoughts, she has stayed a few steps ahead of me and in the most positive way exploited my weaknesses. She has a set of ropes in which she is very inventive and efficient. She is sensitive to your limits/thresholds and has done an amazing job pushing them.

When it comes to her work she is enthusiastic, to say the least. She is well prepared, creative, thoughtful, trustworthy and punctual. Her studio is both private and discreet.

Her physical beauty coupled with passion that she brings to the studio makes her a captivating goddess. I am absolutely going to see her soon and build on the foundation we have created...

-- Freefall [full review at Max Fisch]

"When Mistress Claire entered the dim and foreboding red-accented dungeon, I immediately sensed her strength, both mental and physical. She exuded the most appetizing combination of vitality, athleticism, meticulousness, and the sense of readiness for anything...
From the very start, when she commanded me to worship her immaculate feet and toes, she began to melt away every bit of independent will inside of me. She wrapped my torso in a lovely web of tight red vinyl ropes, and my mind in the intricate web of her sophisticated, assertive, unshockable psyche. Although I naturally feared disappointing her or inciting her wrath, I was also feeling a sublime sense of acceptance and adventuresome, kinky kinship with Mistress Claire...” - Jeff Z


"I enjoy sensual roleplay with imaginative, empathic dommes.  Mistress Claire is all that and more.  She is beautiful, highly intelligent, and endlessly resourceful.  When she locks eyes with you, her mischievous gleam and her aura of command, poise, and exuberance are intoxicating.  Mistress Claire respects my limits while gently helping me safely explore my boundaries. After five wonderful sessions, I keenly look forward to the sixth."  - 

Robert, New England




"i have been coming to New York to play for the past ten years, and have lucky enough to have played with some of the city's most beautiful and experienced Dommes. i have also gotten to play in some of its exquisite studios. Nothing prepared me for the the force that is Domina Claire Hex, and while i came to her fairly well trained (her words not mine) nothing prepared me for the smart, sexy, sensual, seductive, sadist that is Domina Claire Hex.

  She will respect your and limits, but be prepared to have them expanded. i just spent the past five days locked in chastity, and i can't wait for my next trip to New York to see her again. "

- michael david

"I had a miraculous session with Mistress Claire who had an uncanny grasp and understanding of my desires and what I needed to experience to learn more about myself and progress to a higher level of self-knowledge. She is as intelligent and insightful as any psychiatrist I've ever gone to, but she didn't TELL me what she thought about me, rather she let me discover it for myself. I am already eagerly anticipating another session, this one much longer and more intricate. If you come prepared, she will match you through her inspiration and cool professionalism."

- Fina [fetlife]


"Before finding Claire i was seeking a Domina Who would be strict with me both in and out of session, controlling every aspect of my servile existence. As a former ordained christian minister, i was also seeking a real, human Goddess willing to be my One True Religion, in and away from from Her presence, every day of my life. Goddess Claire is all this and more. From my experience, Her attention to detail is unequaled. Intelligent, insightful, and disarmingly intuitive, She will read you like a book, bending your mind, will, and knees with effortless grace." - heartandsole [Fetlife]